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On Sunday November 18th, churches of the Pentecostal Union of Russia (the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith) join in the day of prayer for the suffering church.

SAINT-PETERSBURG (RUSSIA) – On October 13, a conference dedicated to the ordination for bishopric of the senior presbyter of North-Western association of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Alexander Tsvetkov took place in Saint-Petersburg.

Head Bishop of the Russian Church Edward Grabovenko, deputy bishop in Privolzhski Federal district Vasily Evchik and bishop Sergei Linnik took part in the ceremony. Guests and pastors from churches of Leningrad area and from abroad came to the ceremonial service.

Edward Grabovenko reminded the attendants that the church has enough resources for preaching the Gospel. The bishop emphasized that “earnest relationships with God are key to reaching the hearts”.

Before the ceremony of ordination bishop Vassily Evchik shared the word of encouragement noticing that the ministry is a duty. “The Bible doesn’t say “a bishop might be…”, it says “he must be…”.

Bishop of Lutheran church of Ingriya Arri Kugappi, pastor Usko Katto (Finland), pastor Pekka Ulenius (Finland), President of North-Western Association of the church of Christians of Seventh-Day Adventists Valeri Bogdanov, bishop, head of the “21 century” fund and National morning prayer project “Prayer breakfast” Alexander Andryuschenko, head of Christian churches Association Dmitry Polyakov greeted the conference with words of congratulation.

Alexander Tsvetkov has been serving as a pastor for 21 years. He works in the Northern capital of Russia since 2006. During the last 6 years he fills a position of the senior presbyter of the North-Western Association of the Russian church.

During the assembly five ministers of Saint-Petersburg churches were ordained for deaconry.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith


KIEV (UKRAINE) – The elections were held in Kiev on September 26 during the Conference of the International Assembly of Christians of Evangelical Faith.

The Assembly’s leadership is elected every two years. Before 2014, the incumbent president at the end of the term authorized the vice-president to become president, and a new vice-president was elected from members of the Assembly Committee by rotation principle. Since 2014, the president is elected by secret ballot, vice president and secretary — openly.

Voting on the evening of September 26 showed that of two candidates nominated for the Assembly president, the Head Bishop of the Russian Church of Evangelical Christians Eduard Grabovenko received 18 of 26 Committee members votes. Eight members voted for bishop of Evangelical Faith Christians Union of Moldova Viktor Pavlovsky.

Bishop of the United Slavic Pentecostal Fellowship (eastern part of the USA) Victor Limonchenko was elected Vice-president, First Deputy Bishop of the Evangelical Christians Union of Lithuania Ivanas Shkulis remained Secretary. Members of the Committee prayed blessings on the new leadership.

Bishop Eduard Grabovenko thanked brothers for their trust and support. This new responsibility — coordination of the International Assembly's work — he will combine with the ministry of the pastor of the New Testament Church in Perm and the head of the Russian Church.

The International Assembly of Christians of the Evangelical Faith unites 18 Pentecostal Unions and churches from 14 countries in Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada with a total of 7,200 churches and groups.

The Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith




OMSK (RUSSIA) – We continue to witness about Christ, pray for people, plant the seeds of God’s Word. Some people open their heart for Christ, agree to reconcile with Him. God Himself leads us to people who desperately need Him.

Among our new friends in the village of Yasnaya Polyana is Andrei. He has cerebral palsy. We talked with him about sin, about the importance of repentance. Read chapter 14 of Gospel of John, then suggested to pray the sinners’ prayer and Andrei agreed. He was deeply touched by our conversation and our care for him, he invited us to join him at fishing. Andrei is happy at the opportunity to communicate, because he lives a lonely life. But now he rejoices he has God beside him.

Olga lives at the same village. We shared the Gospel with her, she prayed for forgiveness of her sins, reconciled with God. But her relationships with her husband are still bad. She has no peace and obedience to him. On Bible foundation we counseled her about the love and respect she needs to have to her husband. After the prayer we blessed her and her family, agreed to keep in touch, headed her to the church in Kalachinsk, where missionaries Takhir and Marina serve.

And we met Vassily and Larissa. They never heard about God, so we gladly shared the Good News, and our testimonies. They reconciled with God. Vassily and Larissa live very poorly, we suggested help.

God knows what and whom we should say, and each one of us carrying the fire of His love feels his value for the Kingdom of God. Please, support in prayer all those who we preached the Word of God to..

Ivan Pavlov
“Nehemiah” church team, Omsk

KALUGA (RUSSIA) – We met Alexander two years ago in the town of Suvorov where we gave out homeless people hot meals. The first few times he came drunk, listened to our stories at the improvised services inattentively, chuckling. But he always was very accurate to repeat the words of the Lord’s prayer.

Now Alexander is 30, and the last 6 years of them he has been living in the street after his father’s death. During the two years Alexander realized that the Christians wish the best for him, but he didn’t want to hear a single word about a rehabilitation program, “I won’t make it, it won’t work for me”.

But recently he heard a testimony that touched his heart. One brother from the One Year for Jesus team (his name was also Alexander, he is on the right on the picture), who was homeless before, shared about changes in his life because of his faith in Jesus. After that Alexander said he wants to put an end to the life of a homeless man.

Let us keep him in prayer and believe that God will finish what He has started and the homeless man will find salvation and home!

Denis Nefyodkin

Team of the Grace Church, Kaluga

BARNAUL )RUSSIA) – In one of the towns in Altai region we have been teaching, talking and sharing, being led by the Holy Spirit, we were praying and fasting. We can see the changes. To one of the homes that used to be a nasty place, God’s order came. Here’s the story.

Mother Evgeniya, is disabled from childhood, receives two welfares from the government for herself and her son Maxim of 12 years old. Her sister Irina was taking almost all their money and would buy alcohol to then drink it at their house with her friends. Up to 10 people would come to the house every day. Because of that the boy is mentally disturbed and he needs private tuition. Another man, Dennis, 30 years old, an alcoholic too, his mother and step-father also lived at the same house.

We preached to them, many of them repented. Now Dennis is in a rehab center. His mother has repented and thanks God for answering her prayers and for her son having a desire to change his life. His step-father is still contemplating. Every time we come back we see the changes. They’re expecting us, it is clean in the house, they’re all sober.

Evgeniya took her credit cards back from her sister. Maxim is allowed to come to class for the lessons. We brought him clothes, footwear, school supplies, he was happy and his mother too. Irina, who used to live off her sister’s welfare, is looking for a full-time job and is now working part-time nursing some old lady.

We kept praying for Maxim that God would give him a chance to go to some health centre or a boarding school, because he still needs some special care. And God answered: now Maxim is at a boarding-school for three months and he really likes it there. His mother Evgeniya repented and gladly communicates with other Christians.

There’s a place at the town where new converts come for fellowship, prayer and Bible studies. Sergei and Galina’s family opened their home for the meetings. Sergei began to tell people he knew who drink alcohol, about God and that there’s a way out, his desire is to help them and introduce them to Christ. God answers our and their prayers.

Tatiana Ivanovna, one of the new converts has a son, Yura, he is confined to bed for four years, one side of his body is paralyzed. His wife Svetlana nurses him. It was God’s will that we went to see them. Svetlana welcomed us warmly. Yuri at first was very upset and said he didn’t believe in God. That didn’t stop us. We began to share about Jesus and a gift of salvation. The whole family repented and they invited us to come back.

Changes come to other homes too.

Team of the Light of Revival Church, Barnaul

Denis and his mother
Denis and his mother

PERM (RUSSIA), Nov. 2-4 – The National Women’s Conference “Life in the Spirit” took place in Perm. About 700 people participated in the conference. Among them many guests from different cities and towns of Russia: from churches of Altai region, Komi Republic, Perm area, Sverdlovsk area, Volga region and Transbaikal.

OMSK (RUSSIA), Nov., 2-4 – The "Immersion" Youth Conference was held in Omsk. Boys and girls from eight cities of Russia, representing fifteen churches came to Omsk to immerse themselves in thoughts about their calling and commitment to the cause of God.

KEMEROVO (RUSSIA), Nov., 3 – A regional women conference “And she smiles at the future” took place in Kemerovo Revival Church. 500 women from different churches of Western Siberia participated in the event.

Sergey is a man devoted to God, his life is full of joy and purpose. But it hasn’t always been like this. In his youth, Sergey used to be a rebel. He always resisted the social rules and tried to find some special purpose in life. When he was 16, he left his parents’ home. “That was the first mistake I’d made in life and as a result all I was left with were pain and loneliness,” says Sergey.

The Tkachenkos is a large family – loving parents Sergey and Nadezhda, three sons and a daughter. But it wasn’t always so.  In 1991, Sergey went to the US and soon the whole family decided to immigrate there but the plans as well as some other things were doomed to fail. Having left for America for a couple of months, Sergey stayed there for several years. Nadezhda and the children were waiting for him in Russia. So, the family split up in such a simple and stupid way.

Once God told His people: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)